Hello. I am Max Requenes, a software developer, conceptual artist, and Renaissance man, living in beautiful downtown Oakland, California.

I work on Outlook for Mac, at Microsoft's San Francisco office. Prior to this, I was at DreamWorks Animation, working on a CG tool used on their feature films; before that, a hedge fund in Manhattan run by the somewhat notorious Steve Cohen.

Most of the work I do lately is in Objective-C and C++ on macOS.

I studied Art at The University of Texas at Austin — mainly nonrepresentational painting, as well as sculpture, video, installation, performance, life drawing, etc. I occassionally make large scale digital prints of abstract photographs or pop/conceptual/appropriation style works.

What else? I've blogged, sung (badly) and played guitar (badly) at a couple of clubs in Austin, had an erotic poem published, worked as a DJ at high school and middle school dances, made noise, danced ballroom, sold cars, snorkeled in the Caribbean without knowing how to swim, ridden motorcycles around a few tracks, caught a shark by mistake near Galveston, worked at four startups, practiced Yoga, produced and acted in DIY videos, and annoyed Mugwumps whenever possible.

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